Planned for Initial Launch – January 2023

The long overdue and anticipated Conversion and Analysis Service by Tech Maven Geospatial

We are launching with over 600 converters and more than 15 worker nodes with lots of horsepower (# of threads, RAM, GPU, Storage)

GeoData Converter

Tech Maven Geospatial’s GeoData Converter Service

Convert Geospatial Data to formats for web and mobile mapping.



Generate Raster Tiles for web and mobile

custom raster and terrain/elevation map tiles highly optimized for display.


Vector Tiles

Vector tiles in Protocol Buffer Format (PBF) as Folder of XYZ Tiles or inside SQLite database (MBTiles or GPKG)

Highly optimized 256×256 Pixel Square Tiles with simplification at upper zoom levels.


OGC GPKG SQLite Format

Awesome cross platform solution for sharing/distributing data.

(Raster Tiles, Vector Tiles, Vector Tiles as JSON, Terrain/Elevation Tiles PNG)

Can include Cartographic Representation, Styling, Labeling, Order and Grouping with Symbology Encoding SLD and OWS Extension

Elevation Tiles

We build Elevation Tiles (PNG’s) with Elevation Encoded in their RGBA Pixel Values.

We build data 3D Globe Data (WebGL Cesium/Terria) and WhirlyGlobe Mobile Quantized Mesh Tiles and HeightMap Format

Area of Interest Data

Define an Area of Interest (Bounding Box /Square/Rectangle or Polygon)

Download Tiles from Tile Server for that area

Cut/Clip a Raster Image or Existing Tiled database (MBTiles/GPKG)

Clip Vector data to Bounding box or another vector data set.

Fast Efficient Processing

Fast and Efficient Processing in Secure data center. Raster Geoprocessing and Map Tiling is CPU and GPU dependent and we utilize the best hardware with speedy SSD, Dedicated GPU’s and lots of Cores.

Cost Effective and Affordable

You can’t process your data faster and more optimized that our systems and definitely not for the costs involved.

Simple Interface for submitting jobs

We ensure usability and good user experience by designing things as simple as possible and with as few steps as can be achieved.

Support available

We stand behind our services and will fix issues and prevent downtime to the best of our abilities.

We offer customer support ticket system, email and phone

Integrated with Orange Maps Studio

GeoData Converter Online integrates with Orange Maps Studio to display and publish maps and data.

As well as our mobile and desktop applications

API/SDK integrate into your existing applications

Build complex workflows connecting GeoData Converter to your existing processing and services through our published  and documented Application Programming Interface (API)

3D Terrain Data

Generate and Display 3D Terrain Tiles for use in Mobile App and WebGL Applications.

Cesium Quantized Mesh Format and HeightMap Format.

Elevation PNG Tiles inside MBTiles for offline spot elevation (Elevation is encoded in RGBA Pixel Values)

Advanced Raster Tiling

Advanced Tiling jobs and optimization/post processing

Apply 3D Elevation to Vector Data

Submit Vector Data and get vector data with Z Values (elevation) and Min, Max and slope Information added.

If your NOT interested in Subscription for GeoDataConverter, we offer GIS Data Conversion and Map tiling Services on Fiverr Freelance site and Upwork and Freelancer.
Vector Tiling

Raster Tiling

Geospatial ETL and conversion, translation, optimization

CLIP/CUT an Area of Interest into mbtiles or gpkg or Tile Layer (XYZ or WMTS)

Apply 3D elevation to vector data

In addition to data development services, we offer full suite of application development services.

mobile mapping apps

Web Mapping

You can always use the custom conversion job form to submit a job for a quote.

We also can help build an automated script for processing data for you to run.