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Geo Data Converter Online is a Software as a Service web based solution for converting Geospatial Data into other formats.


About Geo Data Converter Online

It is accessible via web browser via forms and via RESTful API EndPoints to integrate the solution into your application.

We saw a need in the market to enable users to quickly get data ready for mobile apps and publishing on the web.

This service utilizes custom purpose built highly specialized software to read, transform, translate, convert geospatial data in an efficient easy to work application.


About Tech Maven Geospatial

We are a small private startup based in South Florida USA that focuses on Geospatial Information Technologies (GIS Mapping) solutions that deliver value and are innovative and problem solving.

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Tech Maven Geospatial is made up of Geospatial Data Engineers, developers, project managers and business/data analyst and database admins.  Our staff have domain specific experience and proven track record of delivering data ready for consumption on mobile devices (Vector Tiles, GeoPackages, MBTiles,etc).

We build this system to issues working geospatial data.  Experience Geospatial/GIS professionals struggle to generate map tiles or even read some difficult formats. We back our excellent software solution with purpose built hardware that is designed to remove any bottlenecks in data processing (extreme write operations, high CPU utilization with lots of cores, Graphics GPU engine, and other metrics).

We take the security and privacy of your data seriously and keep it safe and never allow it to be shared or seen by other users.

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