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We assign all custom orders a dedicated Geospatial Data Engineer/Photogrammetry Specialist

Data is Secured and kept separate/isolated

We treat everyone’s data special and have procedures and workflows in place to keep client’s data isolated.

When a job is done, all the data is removed from the data processing workstation and uploaded to secure cloud server to be distributed back to you. Each job is given a number and a folder is created for that number.

Specialized tools and staff

With our domain specific geospatial and photogrammetry experience and speedy computers and network, you’ll be hard pressed to get your data processed quicker.

In addition, we believe in quality and validate and test the data the best we can.  Ensure completeness, accuracy, correct number of files/tiles and Display properly.

Tech Maven Geospatial’s custom data conversion/processing service has saved me and made me a hero at my job.

We had received data from an aerial photography vendor and we needed the orthophotography and DEM and DSM independently verified.  They had such a fast turn around and were able to confirm issues that we were seeing so we could request the vendor to fly again and use more ground control points.

Michael Rosen

GIS Technician, Water Management District

We recommend you upload a sample of data to a Cloud Storage location 

Google Drive, OneDrive,, DropBox, other.

Preferably make it a public link so we don’t need to login. 

However, you can use to Share with us your Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive Shared Folder/File.

We possess specialized tools and software for performing advanced geospatial data processing and analysis.  In addition, we have trained staff and highly optimized processes/workflows and hardware.

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Specialized Software: Commercial Solutions: ENVI, Hexagon Imagine,Hexagon ImageStation, Agisoft PhotoScan,3dscanexpert, ESRI ArcGIS with Extensions, Trimble Business Center, Global Mapper, Safe Software FME Workbench, Map Tiler Pro and many others as well as supplemented with FOSS4G software and tools. (QGIS, GDAL/OGR, GRASS, OTB-ORFEO Toolbox/Monteverde,OSSIM, SAGA,MicMac, PDA, LAZTools, PDAL, PKTOOLS, GeoTools, Drone2Map, Database tools, Plus a Heavy dose of python libraries, special custom C# and .net core command line tools and batch and bash scripts. Super speedy GeoProcessing Workstations with 36 cores, 128gb of RAM, dual 12gb Video Graphics Card, NVME M2 Solid State Drive 1TB, RAID 5 with 6 8TB Drives, dual 10 network, Network Attached Storage and super speedy 1gig Internet